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Happy New Month Message / Wishes For December 2018 (Prayers & Quotes)

Happy New Month Message / Wishes For December (Prayers & Quotes)

Happy New Month Message

Happy New Month Quotes: Hello viewer in this article i will quickly share with you some New Month Message, Prayers, Quotes for Friends, Family, Siblings, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend & Boyfriends, have you been searching all over the internet for some sweet & best quotes for this new month,

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then i guess you are at the right page, this page is strictly created for New Month Wishes,

Happy New Month Prayers / Quotes.

  • In this new month, You shall be remember for good, you shall share portion with the great, you shall divide spoils with the strong, you will wine and dine before your enemies without trouble, it will be your month of celebration
  • For the remaining months for this year to run to an end, you will not see evil, you will not weep, you will celebrate, God will give you laughter, he will give you a new song, your honor shall increase and your peace will increase like river.
  • The lord shall fill your tongue with singing, He will fill your month with laughter, It is your season of thanksgiving, season of Joy, Rejoice and be glad. Happy New Month
  • Happy New Month…. my dearest, you shall not lack anything you need in your life. God bless you with many blessings and good health and abundant life.
  • Happy new month, I pray this month brings you nothing less than joy and happiness all through
  • In this new month God’s love will continue to reign in your life, more blessings, testimonies, favour will be your portion, and may you be a blessing to others
  • For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee. Isaiah 54:10 (KJV), In this month and beyond, these three fold blessings shall be your portion as ordained by the LORD; the kindness of the LORD, the LORD’S peace and the LORD’s mercy. Happy New Month to you and your household. Greetings.
  • This new season, the covenant keeping God will remember you for good, Your labour will attract great result and great reward. You will be led forth will joy and return with praise, You shall not be a prey in the hand of the enemy, Because of the grace of God upon your life, all that has to do with you the Lord will perfect, You shall not be a burden to your family but a shining example if God’s grace, Welcome to your month of abundant grace.
  • The voice of the Lord will standout for you no matter the noise around Pyour life, His word will speak for you, no matter what the enemy is saying You will surely be blessed by the most high, ln this new month The Lord will Keep, Uphold, Sustain, Protect, Defend and exalt you Hid hands will be around for good, The enemy will not swallow your glory You will not miss the best of the land, No one will steal what belongs to you.
  • Three new things happening today alone, a Brand New Day, a Brand New Week and a Brand New Month, this is to tell u that this new month, your joy will be tripled, your happiness, your blessings, your breakthrough, your success, your greatness, your testimonies and every good thing u desire will be tripled.
  • The gate that leads to happiness will not be closed against you, You shall have access to heaven’s abundant blessings and share great testimonies with joy by special Grace of Almighty God, Your feet will take You to your land of honour and blessing. All your hanging breakthroughs and benefits shall be release to you, Your mandatory benefactors, Your mandatory head lifters, Your mandatory glory announcers shall locate you and perform their duties in your life. It’s well with all that concerns you.
  • As you step into this month of May, you are stepping into more glory, you are stepping into divine blessings, you’re stepping into greater achievement, you are stepping into greater breakthrough and you are stepping into the best season of your life. Testimonies upon testimonies await you in this new month, wake up and smile. Happy New month of your unlimited and greater joy.

General Happy New Month Message / Wishes.

  • If just one day is able to surprise us with some little pleasant things, then imagine how many incredible presents you’ll receive during the coming month! I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. Happy new month!
  • As the new month begins, Here are my wishes for you:
    May this month keep you healthy, May you achieve all of your daily targets; May you remain happy and whole; May this month be better than all the previous months of this year! Happy New Month!
  • Before the end of first 7 days of this month, Your Family will say we are Proud Of U, Your Friends will say we are happy 4 U, Your neighbors will say, Wish I were U and Those who call themselves Enemy will say U have a living GOD. Happy new month to You!
  • Just as the ocean is made of billions of drops, our life consists of minutes, hours, days and months. Sometimes every single thing is necessary. Don’t neglect your time and have an incredible month!
  • No greeting cards to give, no sweet flowers to send, no bags of rice to forward but a loving and caring heart wishing you a happy new month. This month, you will succeed whee others suck seeds.
  • May you rise and shine above every shame and disappointment in this new month. May you have cause to rejoice and celebrate. Happy new month.
  • Here’s wishing you seconds of joy, minutes of gladness, hours of laughter, days of blessing and an altogether amazing month. May it be your best yet. Happy new month.
  • Do not be afraid to shine this month. When you shine, you invariably give others permission to do the same. Shine! Shine brightly! Have a super month.
  • New month means refreshment and reboot. Wish you to leave old troubles alone and enter into a new month with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Who is to make your life better, if not you? Happy new month!
  • Bless You A Very Happy New Month. The New Month of happiness has arrived, Get ready to gather all the treasure of blessings, May we Praise Almighty God from dawn to dusk, Help others by giving them smiles and happiness, So everyone can enjoy the celebration of spring, Wish You a Nice Month Ahead.

Happy New Month Wishes / Message For Lover (Wife, Husband, Girlfriend,& Boyfriend).

  • I woke up this morning and I was wondering how my life would have been without your love and care. You are the best thing that I have, thank you for loving me. Happy new month my love
  • Another month full of sweet memories and happy times has passed. You’ve made my month special. With you every moment is an opportunity for me. I hope you have a great month ahead. May God bless my love with his care and warmth. I love you and wish you a very good new month.
  • When there comes new moments of new month, my heart wishes that your face always keep on smiles and laughter throughout month and you never see any sadness. Wish you a Happy New Month.
  • Hey dearie, This is the first day of the new month.  It can also be a new start of your life. Take a long breath and start going ahead towards your destination. Best Of Luck,  Happy New Month!
  • Time never stops for someone, it flies. But my love for you will remain the same, it will neither fly nor die. Have a lovely month ahead sweetie!
  • I started the year with your love in my heart It is the 1st day of the month, Your love is strong in my heart like never before. I am here today for you and will always be. Happy New Month
  • Happy new month, beautiful sweetheart, may you be all that you were meant to be this month. May grace and favour find you out and elevate you to greatness.
  • I would serve you the world on a platter, but you need the fulfillment and satisfaction work gives. So here’s to a month of work and fulfillment. May the Lord bless you with pleasant surprises. Happy new month.
  • No matter how tough or rough it gets this month, I’ll be right here by your side, supporting you, cheering you on. May the love of God envelope you and give you the assurance you need to forge ahead. Happy new month.
  • You’re the sunshine in my days, the joy I look forward to each night. You’re my sugar pie and I love you totally. Here’s to a great month ahead baby. Happy new month.
  • Wake up sleepy head, It’s a new month already and it’s going to be awesome. You know why? Because we’re facing it together. We will weather every storm together. Happy new month darling
  • When you smile, you enlighten my day. When you smile, you make me smile and when I smile, it makes my day shiny. So keeps smiling and smiling. Happy new month dearie.
  • No one deserves to succeed more than you, my hardworking man. May all your efforts count and amount to good success. May you find courage and strength to overcome every life’s challenge. Happy new month.
  • The Lord crown your efforts this month and establish you as the head. May every of your dreams come true. God bless you my darling. Have a great month.
  • Get up sleepy head. A new month dawns. I’d love to wrap you in my arms all day long but duty calls. So get along and do great things. May your light shine brighter and brighter. Happy new month.


For now that’s all about New Month Message, if you have any addition or subtraction feel free to use the comment box, your suggestion will be highly noted.


Updated: December 13, 2018 — 5:22 pm

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